What happens to the equipment?

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The equipment for disposal is either reallocated or de-manufactured and in all cases our program ensures protection and destruction of all data, and a strict adherence to environmental compliance in electronics disposal. Here, hazardous elements such as batteries, PCB bearing capacitors, mercury lamps and switches, if applicable, are removed and recycled. All hazardous waste is sent to an approved DRMO facility.

Reallocation: Materials suitable for resale will be sent to our reallocation Department. Any owner identification tags are removed and all working drives are wiped clean using NIST standard methods. Equipment will then be resold either in its entirety or by parts.
De-manufacturing: Equipment determined to be non-functioning or of little or no value, enters the de-manufacturing area to be dismantled. Hazardous elements such as batteries are removed and recycled. The equipment is subsequently sorted and separated into the different types of metals and materials before being sold to  scrap metal companies & the appropriate material is sent to our ISO14001 smelter company we work with.

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