The Green way to Dispose

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The Green Way

The Green Way to Dispose of Electronics

Transitioning into green living can seem overwhelming. The best idea is to start by taking small steps, such as getting rid of your old electronics the environmentally friendly way. A business in Tulsa has made that easy. “Approximately 6-8 pounds per monitor of lead. And then when you get into TVs, the lead content ratio changes, but essentially that’s the primary metal. So, it’s not only toxic to our landfills, but we are also wasting our resources. All of the materials in a computer can actually be reused. The plastic, steel, copper, and all of the aluminum can be reused. The tricky part is separating it out because there are so many different types of materials,” said Traci Phillips, Natural Evolution President.

Natural Evolution recycled more than three million pounds of electronics in the past year. Their goal is to reduce the negative impact of electronics on the environment. It’s a problem they say is only going to get worse.Tracy Phillips, the President of Natural Evolution says she has always been interested in the construction of computers. She used to make jewelry out of the recycled parts. When she realized all of the scrap material she didn’t use was winding up in landfills, she decided to make a difference.

“You can get more metals per ton out of computers than you can actually ore without as much waste. So, there is no reason not to. At times it’s difficult; it’s hard, but it’s better in the long run to actually be re-using them,” said Phillips. In 2003, Traci started her business in order to make an impact on a larger scale. “People, individuals, consumers, residents can bring by their computers anytime Monday through Friday 8:00-5:00 p.m. You can drop it off. We have people to help unload. Everything is free except for TVs. There is a $15 dollar charge for TVs,” said Phillips.

Traci started her electronic recycling business five years ago and says her daughter’s future is her driving force.“I feel good about what we’re doing; that we’re helping the planet that she’s going to experience and maybe by what we’re doing today may have an impact on her life and other kids around,” said Phillips.