Happy Holidays 2017 Recap

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happy holidays 2018

Happy Holidays Year End Recap

Our stakeholders are you, our customers, vendors & employees. Without you Natural Evolution would cease to exist. In continuing our annual tradition we would like to provide a brief recap of 2017.

2017 began with challenges but is ending with a bright outlook & with gratitude filled hearts.

As I stated at this time last year Chris our Vice President was in the hospital having his kidney & adrenal gland removed as well as an unknown mass. At the time of this surgery they also found another small mass in his lung. This surgery occurred 90 days after a spinal infection & 7 hour back surgery in September. We are thankful and humbled to report that one mass tested benign and the other disappeared and after 2 hip replacement surgeries in March & July he is now feeling like a new man and doing better than expected.

We are grateful to our NEI team, our customers for their patience and understanding & our vendors for their support through this process. These types of life changing events individually have the potential of being catastrophic & collectively can feel rather daunting for everyone. Thank you for walking with us during this period.

As we reach the other side & have achieved further growth, we continue with our goal of operating a business with a triple bottom line. We have lead with this mindset & philosophy since inception, however as we continue to mature this idea takes on new meaning. During our process of the Pilot Score Card Program with Sustainable Tulsa in 2016 we revised our Environmental Health & Safety Policy. With the roll out of the EH&S system upgrade in accordance with the E-Steward & ISO14001 Standard revisions we have implemented our updated policy. View Our Policy.

We are excited to rise and meet these new challenges with the ever-pressing presences of our customer’s best interest at our forefront.

Because of your on-going commitment to Natural Evolution & responsible recycling of electronics we were able to accomplish the following this year.

· Begin the process of upgrading our certification to ISO14001:2015 & e-Stewards 3.0. Our annual audits will occur 1st Quarter of 2018.
· Our continued commitment to being a culturally & gender diverse organization made up of 47% Native American, 15% African American, 38% Caucasian, 31% Women & 69% Men with an employee age range of 25-64. We believe this level of diversity is a core strength.
· Over 50% of our goods and services purchased were from other small businesses thus perpetuating the local dollar.
· In 2017 we are happy to announce that we have added 7 new people to the NEI team. We are excited they are with us and look forward to the continuation of this pace.
· Employed 13 people with new hires scheduled for 2018, this benefits 12 families with a sustainable living wage for 13 adults & 21 children.
· Continued to fine tune the details of our online recycling management & customer portal system.
· Completed moving to our online version of our EH&S System
· Continue to develop and enhance our online employee training system including over 52 internally developed assessments & modules.
· Offset NEI’s operating footprint through the purchase of 30 Metric Tons of Carbon Offset Credits.

But this is not all…. Through your efforts & patronage and making the choice to recycle your electronics with us, we were able to

· Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3,490,352#
· Divert 72,000# of Toxic Metas including 2,076# of Arsenic, 69,932# of Lead & Cadmium and recover over 845,668# of Total Metals

We continue to be committed to a US based solution built upon the bedrock of uncompromising data security & environmental commitments that provide a premium return socially, economically & environmentally.

The Natural Evolution Family is deeply grateful for your support, patronage and look forward to continuing to evolve in 2018.

As a token of our gratitude and in lieu of corporate gifts we are donating to the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, The Road Runner Food Bank and The Manna Soup Kitchen in Durango. Collectively with the generous assistance of matching funds NEI’s contribution will purchase 6,500 meals for those in need.

We Wish you the Very Best this Holiday Season and in 2018!

Thank you for a successful year and we look forward to new opportunities in 2018.

Traci Phillips