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Everyone has a tale to tell, and ours began with unused and stored automated parking meters developed in the 1980’s. One of the founders of Natural Evolution, whose family had owned the early parking computers, dismantled the computers and began creating artwork from them – working with her husband who is also one of the co-founders of Natural Evolution.

Born from that journey to dispose of those early parking meters is Natural Evolution, Inc.

Today, Natural Evolution reallocates and demanufactures materials ranging from old PC’s, to large mainframes, to obsolete science classroom equipment. Of course, we continue to evolve as we find new ways to meet the needs of our clients and more effectively shape our methods and processes.

A Native American, Woman-Owned small business based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Natural Evolution, Inc incorporated in December 2002 and began business in January 2003 – and since then we’ve applied our unique approach to a growing number of organizations around the United States. Since inception we have chosen to recycle electronics in landfill-free and efficient ways!

We are dedicated to data security  and differentiate ourselves through our long-term belief in our economically and environmentally sensible methods of recycling. Our business model is customer focused and we have garnered commendations by such organizations as the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and the Oklahoma Minority Supplier Development Council and the Metropolitan Environmental Trust.

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We are naturally motivated by the environmental benefits of properly recycling electronics, but Natural Evolution is in business to solve a very real business problem. After all, the cost of storing an obsolete computer can range from $200 to $800 per year and corporations are liable for any assets until the liability has been released either by title or written agreement.

Our mission is simple:

To Provide Recycling Services in the most efficient, effective way while minimizing its carbon footprint and in a Zero landfill, Zero Prison Labor & Zero international dumping process. What’s good for your business, is also good for our earth.

The statistics are overwhelming.
A recent National Safety Council study predicts that about 300 million personal computers will need to be recycled over the next 4 years. This includes an estimated 150 million obsolete personal computers currently sitting unused in storage. The EPA estimates that today about 80% of all discarded computer systems find their way into landfills.

The implications are disturbing.
Personal computer equipment, which is comprised of as much as 6.3% of lead, is indeed a form of hazardous waste. We need to prevent a deluge of obsolete computer equipment from poisoning and overwhelming our few remaining landfills. Proper computer recycling procedures are absolutely essential. Since our inception, Natural Evolution has had a “no landfill” and “no export” policy in place to help protect the environment.

The corporate costs can not be ignored.
The cost of simply storing an obsolete computer can range from about $200 – $800 per year. Then there are soft costs of disassembling and scrubbing the computer, downtime for the employees during the move, and any number of legal or contractual costs. Finally, corporations are liable for any assets until the liability has been released either by title or written agreement.

The Solution is Electronics Recycling through Natural Evolution.

image of earth, about page, natural evolution

Find out why a growing number of corporate, city and government, and non-profit organizations are turning to Natural Evolution to dispose of End of Life Equipment.

We look forward to working with you to develop a long-term electronics recycling program that best fits your needs.