It is our belief that all things evolve.  

Natural Evolution, Inc is centrally located in Tulsa, OK provides electronics recycling services to consumers, small businesses, Fortune 100 – 1000 Companies, City State & Federal Government agencies and Tribal Nations & business enterprises.  We handle the electronic waste (E-Waste) stream in the most efficient, effective way while minimizing its carbon footprint & utilizing processes firmly built upon the foundation of  Integrity, Awareness, Discipline & social & economic justice for all.

Our vision is to reduce the negative impact of electronics on the environment.

Our 100% Guarantee

100% Certified Audit Processing, 100% US Jobs, 100% Accountability

We are convinced that if our society is successful at mining our trash, our lands will be spared for generations. Natural Evolution is committed to a world without End.

We believe that what is environmentally sound & socially just are intricate components of being fiscally responsible.